The 7 Best Ice Maker of 2020 Under 200$

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All but the most basic refrigerators are equipped with an ice maker these days, but for some, their modest production is just not enough. For anyone who regularly entertains or simply wants to fuss with inconvenient ice trays or mammoths, store-bought ice melting bags will be well served by a dedicated ice maker. Ice makers generally fall into two broad categories for home use countertop models that are smaller and lighter, and built-in-counter models that can fit right in with wine coolers or other larger appliances. Here, We review the 7 best Ice Maker.

What to Look for When Buying The 7 Best Ice Maker

Size:- Ice makers come in a wide variety of sizes required for small countertop models ranging from a few key floors. Do you want to install that countertop model in the kitchen every time you have a party, or do you prefer to keep a large operating one in the garage at all times?

Speed:- How soon do you need your ice? Whether you prefer to make too much ice ahead of time or want a constant supply to flow will determine how important speed is. Some machines can quickly supply ice earlier, so you can start the party, but if you don’t have enough storage space for ice, it makes sense to get an ice maker that can keep up with demand per hour Can.

Ice storage capacity:- If your ice maker can produce too much ice, but it cannot hold too much, you will need to remove the ice and store it elsewhere. This is great if you are planning and you can check the machine regularly, but a machine with a large storage capacity may be able to hold enough ice, so you need to use it to make more room. There will be no need to take off.

The 7 Best Ice Maker at Walmart

  1. IKICH Portable Ice Maker Machine
  2. HomeLabs 26 lb Portable Countertop Ice Maker 
  3. Magic Chef 27lb Countertop Portable Ice Maker 
  4. Goplus 26 lb Portable Compact Electric Ice Maker
  5. Frigidaire 40 lb Countertop Ice Maker
  6. Stakol 26 lb Portable Compact Electric Ice Maker
  7. Costway 26LBS/24H Portable CountertopIce Maker 

The 7 Best Ice Maker Countertop

1.)IKICH Portable Ice Maker Machine:- If You are Looking for The Best portable ice maker then you can buy IKICH portable ice maker. this ice maker is compact enough to place on your countertop without having to remove any other appliances.IKICH ice maker features a high-quality compressor so it can freeze water in only 6 minutes.

best ice maker 2020


  • It can produce 26 pounds of high-quality ice cubes in 24 hour
  •  IKICH quick ice maker machine works fast, just 6 minutes to get 9pcs of chewable, delicious, bullet-shaped ice-cubes per cycle.
  • IKICH countertop ice maker machine achieves low noise level, fast cooling effect and low consumption with a powerful compressor, high-quality copper aluminum fin condenser and 21g R600a refrigerant
  • With a simple control panel, just add water, plug it in, press the power button, select the ice size, and forget it. The indicator lights up when the ice is full or you need more water
  • It comes with a very simple control panel. there are two buttons and 5 led light will know if it is time to add water or if the ice bucket is full.
  • It produces two shapes of ice cubes


The 7 Best Ice Maker machine

2.)HomeLabs 26 lb Portable Countertop Ice Maker:-Homelabs portable ice maker is the best-featured ice maker found in the market. The Homelabs ice maker is efficient, sleek, high performing, top quality lightweight and weighs about 19.4 pounds, and has proportions of 12.9* 9.5* 14 inches. The volume of this Homelabs countertop ice maker is incredibly compact which allows you to place it in spaces and empty corners in the kitchen. 

best ice maker 2020


  • It creates delicious, chewable, bullet-shaped ice up to 1.5 lbs at a time and up to 26 lbs of ice per day with its 2.2-liter water reservoir. 
  • Bullet shape ice, ready in just 6 to 8 minutes. 
  •  With a quiet compressor that requires low energy to cool, it’s a tiny yet mighty addition to your bar or countertop.
  • Warning lights and an automatic shut off function are activated once the ice basket is full or when water needs to be refilled.
  • A water reservoir sits below the ice basket and reuses water from the melted ice to make even more ice. 


3.) Magic Chef 27lb Countertop Portable Ice Maker:- This portable ice maker will sit neatly on the counter, making up to 27 pounds of ice in a day. It makes 9 cubes in every 7-minute cycle, so you’ll have ice for the first drink quickly, while it continuously works on making more for parties and events. This can be set to make either small or large cubes, and a see-through window makes it easy to check the ice level. Unused ice simply melts away and the water drains into the water reservoir where it will be frozen again, or it can be easily emptied if no more ice is needed.


  • Makes ice in as little as 7 minutes making it convenient when you are entertaining
  • Makes up to 27 lbs. of ice in 24 hours
  • Allows you to select 2 different sizes for ice cubes
  • Indicator lights for both ice and water levels
  • An ice scoop is included
  • Portable Ice Maker is designed with an integrated water drain cap
  • Please note that the countertop ice maker does not preserve ice cubes as a freezer-installed icemaker with a storage bin.

Price -> 130$ to150$

4.)Goplus 26 lb Portable(EP22769RE):- GoPlus ice maker is perfect for party, gathering, RV, boat, or kitchen. The portable and compact design makes it convenient for you to enjoy a cold, refreshing drink anywhere you go. And it saves time, power, and space. This countertop ice machine features the compressor cooling system and operates at low noise. With it, you will enjoy your leisure time.


  • Ice making capacity per cycle: 9pcs
  • Ice capacity: 26.5lbs/24h
  • Operating cycle: 6-13min
  • Ice shape: bullet.
  • When the water level in the reservoir runs low, you’ll be alerted to add more water. 
  • With 1.5 lbs capacity of ice cube basket, you can make plenty of ice ahead of time to have on hand. You can create ready-to-serve ice in an average of 8 minutes

Price ->160$

5.)Frigidaire 40 lb:-if You Want Makes beautiful crystal clear square restaurant-style ice cubes. This ice maker makes 40 lbs. of ice per day. This model fits in For your room decor. It features a see-through window lid and durable stainless-steel exterior. This portable ice maker requires no installation, just plug it in, add water and in less than 15 minutes you can enjoy fresh ice.

best ice maker


  • Extra Large Capacity! Makes 40 lbs. of ice in 24 hours
  • Extremely quiet, less than 38DB
  • 2.4 lb. ice basket capacity
  • Makes ice in less than 15 minutes
  • Compressor cooling
  • Easy to use, fully automatic control system, with an advanced microcomputer for easy and convenient ice making.
  • Add water indicator lets you know when it’s time to fill your unit with water.
  • The full ice indicator alerts you when your ice maker is full and the ice basket needs to be emptied.
  • Large ice bucket with ice scoop holds 2.4 lbs of clear fresh ice
  • Water draining port allows you to quickly and safely drain the water from the unit for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Makes large square clear ice cubes.
  • The ice maker has built-in safeguards that can limit accidental damage by automatically shutting down the system when necessary.


The 7 Best Ice Maker kitchenaid

6.)Stakol 26 lb Portable:-The portable and compact design makes it convenient for you to enjoy a cold, refreshing drink anywhere you go. And it saves time, power, and space. This countertop ice machine features the compressor cooling system and operates at low noise. With it, you will enjoy your leisure time.

best ice maker


  • It can make up to 26lbs in 24 hours.
  • Ice making capacity per cycle: 9pcs
  • A batch of 9 bullet-shaped ice cubes will be ready in as little as 7-13 minutes.
  • Able to see through window for process monitoring & ice level checking
  • When the water level in the reservoir runs low, you’ll be alerted to add more water. When the ice bucket is full, you’ ll be alerted to remove them so more ice could be created.


7.)Costway 26LBS Portable Maker:- this portable compact electric ice maker is a fast and efficient solution to create the readily existing supply of ice cubes for a boat, kitchen, outdoor events, office, RV, and other areas. it has a built-in modern compressor cooling system and operates barely with any noise. the portable ice maker is designed for placing the unit on countertops and even comes with a stylish design to flatter the surroundings.

best ice maker


  • Ice making capacity per cycle:9pcs; Weight of each ice:7-9g
  • 26 lbs of ice can be produced in as little as 24 hours
  • Water shortage and ice full alarm system with advanced infrared sensing technology
  • DC fan for heat dissipation to ensure the high-quality operation
  • Two sizes of ice for a selection


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