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The 7 Best Air fryer under $100 of 2021

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Are you looking for Best Air Fryer for your home And also under 100$ then This Is the right place to read the article about the Best Air Fryer. We did Comprehensive Research On Best Air Fryer Under $100 For Your Kitchen Today I Will Help You To Find the Best Air fryer for under $100.

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What is an Air Fryer?
-> An Air Fryer is an Advanced Cooking Product that is used For Roast Food items. A new generation of cooking equipment that helps you to make your breakfast quickly.

How does Air fryer work?
->A heater element just above the cooking chamber radiates from a close range directly to the food. Radiation heat penetrates deep under the food surface. A large fan above the heater pulls the air upwards through the cooking chamber.

Creating a strong vertical airflow while passing the heater. Air is loaded with heat energy air is transported downwards through a double wall around the cooking chamber with the minimum loss of flow and heat energy.

Air is guided by a special starfish-like air guide at the bottom that distributes the heat evenly and directs the airflow in a vertical direction. The food itself helps to distribute the heat over the contents of the basket. Only the bottom of the basket is open to the air. So it has to pass over the food surface where it transfers the heat to the food.

The heat reaches all parts of the food even when it’s piled up. The combination of radiation from the top and convection from the bottom creates a heat transfer rate that is much higher than that of a convection oven simultaneous heating from both sides eliminates the need to turn the food during the cooking process.

This mimics the effect and Gibbs cooking results that come very close to that of a deep fryer, But now Without the excessive use of oil or grease. Cooking air is internally recirculated to keep the heat inside.

But when the temperature rises so does the internal pressure, therefore, an air fryer also has an exhaust system to control the internal pressure an air fryer has a special exhaust feature. it takes out a small amount of air to create a small under pressure this forces the steam and smoke to leave the cooking chamber only through the exhaust where it’s filtered before it’s released in the open air.

The 7 Best Air fryer under $100

  1. Philips TurboStar Airfryer
  2.  Ninja Air Fryer AF101
  3.  BLACK+DECKER 2L Purifry Air Fryer
  4. VonShef 5L Air Fryer
  5.  ENKLOV Air Fryer
  6. Instant Vortex Plus 7-in-1 Air Fryer
  7. T-fal FZ700251 Actifry Oil-Less Air Fryer

Air fryer under $100

1.) Philips TurboStar Technology Airfryer:- introducing the number one air fryer on our list, the Philips turbo star technology air fryer a super-efficient and powerful air fryer that delivers perfectly cooked and crispy food for your mouth. To enjoy featuring Philips bacon the turbo star technology. This air fryer delivers a fast and even cooking experience every time without any hassle.

It comes with a quick control dial with a digital display that makes cooking any type of food super also offers a 2.5-quart capacity where you can cook all of your favorite foods easily.

This air fryer offers five preset modes for most popular dishes include a keep-warm function that keeps your food warm for a long time so that you can always enjoy a worm food, it comes with a quick clean basket and features a removable handle which makes it easy to switch between accessories store and clean the air fryer whenever it’s needed.

This air fryer is also AB compatible that allows you to choose from more than 200 recipes within the app and elevate your cooking skills. The Philips turbo star technology air fryer is the ultimate air fryer that everyone should have in their kitchen to enjoy healthy crispy food every time with excellent reviews and ratings from customers.

best air fryer under $100


  • Technology -> TurboStar
  • Time Control -> up to 30 Min
  • App Compatible -> Yes
  • Dishwasher Safe -> Yes

2.)Ninja Air Fryer AF101 :-> With the ninja air fryer in her kitchen. You can enjoy crispy french fries and all of your favorite fried foods without the guilt.

It comes in a wide temperature range that allows you to adjust 105 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 for a night and gently removes moisture from fruits or quickly cooks and crisps foods with convection heat.

It comes in a four-part ceramic-coated nonstick basket and Kreisberg plate that fits 2 pounds of french fries so that you can cook your favorite food without any hassle with the combination of low fan speed and low temperature.

This air fryer lets you create flat cheap like dehydrated foods for fun. It features a OneTouch control panel that allows you to choose between programmable cooking functions or manually controls cooking time and temperature.

These air fryers all accessories are dishwasher safe that allows you to clean them without any hassle and enjoy a convenient cooking experience the Ninja air fryer AF 101 is the perfect air fryer for the kitchen. It has earned great reviews and ratings from the customers.

best air fryer under $100


  • Temprature Range -> 105F-400F
  • Capasity -> 4qt basket & 2 Pound Crisper Plate
  • Cooking Feature -> 4
  • Dishwasher Safe -> Yes

Best Air Fryer under 100$

3.)BLACK+DECKER 2L Purifry Air Fryer:-> The Black Decker Purifry air fryer cuts out the oil to give you crispy food without added fat so that you can lead a healthy lifestyle.

This air fryer has a capacity of – later where you can easily feed snacks or main dishes for the whole family in one go and cook them without any hassle it’s exclusive cooking element combines heat with a powerful dual fan convection system to circulate hot air around food for fast and crisper results.

It comes with an adjustable temperature that allows you to set temperatures from 175 degrees to 400 degrees Fahrenheit which makes it suitable for everything from frozen vegetables to pizza rolls.

This air fryer 60-minute timer allows for precision cooking on a wide range of foods that you need will automatically turn off when the timer is up.

It comes with a cool-touch handle and overheat protection for safety and also dishwasher safe which makes cleaning it super easy the Black & Decker purifier is their evolutional way to enjoy deliciously crispy fried food with all the flavor and none of the gills.

The BLACK & DECKER is the best air fryer under $100

best air fryer under $100


  • Capasity -> 2 Litre
  • Adjustable Temperature -> Yes
  • Temprature Range -> 175D-400D
  • Timer -> Up to 60 Minute
  • Auto ShutOff -> Yes

4.)VonShef 5L Air Fryer:-> Enjoy all the taste of deep fat frying with Vaughn chef fire later air fryer a unique and powerful air fryer that leads to cooked perfectly crispy food with fewer calories.

This air fryer offers adjustable temperature which can set up to 200 Celsius so that you can easily deep-fry roast baked or grilled food it delivers vapor steam action for low-fat frying and fast results so that you can enjoy her to cook food within a short time. this air fryer lets you set up to 60 minutes timer for precise cooking.

It also features an operational light indicator for convenient monitoring it comes with overheat protection which allows you to prepare your favorite dishes without any worries moreover, it’s a 5-liter frying basket and the nonstick oil tank can be detached for easy cleaning.

Devon shape air fryer lets it prepare perfectly cooked and crispy foods without any fat so that you can stay healthy. this air fryer has earned excellent reviews and ratings from the customers and you can get it online.

best air fryer under $100


  • Capacity -> 5 litre
  • Maximun Temprature -> 200D
  • Timer -> Up to 60 Minutes
  • Over Heat Protection -> Yes

Best Air Fryer under $100 amazon

5.)ENKLOV Air Fryer:-> Enjoy time-saving meals that would involve an air fryer and all-in-one air fryer that holds everything you would need to prepare deliciously. Featuring enclosed exclusive patented called hot air convection technology, this air fryer can instantly heat increase the degree of reactions with two unique ventilation openings to provide your mouth-watering food.

This air fryer comes in a 5.5-quart large capacity that allows you to prepare delicious food for three to five people with a manage without any hassle you can easily air fryer dehydrate roast bake suit grill toast and reheat your food using.

Its touchscreen command center and enjoy healthy food. its detachable frying basket is constructed of nonstick material which prevents any food from sticking surfaces that could ultimately steal your breeze and dishwasher safe.

It comes with an exclusive protection mechanism of using a heat shield to protect the air fryer’s high-power motor from getting burned out. it protects the heating pipe from being damaged by steam which ensures lifelong optimum performance it also has an auto-shutoff option for maximum safety.

The Improv air fryer lets you enjoy healthy food by reducing oil and fat in food this air fryer has excellent reviews and ratings from the customers.

best air fryer under $100


  • Capacity -> 5.5qt
  • Function -> 8
  • Frying Basket Material -> Non-Stick
  • Auto Shutoff -> Yes

6.)Instant Vortex Plus 7-in-1 Air Fryer:-> Create healthier versions of all your family’s favorite fried foods with Instant Vortex Plus air fryer, A unique air fryer that is packed with features to elevate the cooking experience.

This air fryer comes with seven built-in smart programs including baked roast toast royal dehydrate and participate in all of your favorite dishes with only Hansel. It’s one that even crisp technology allows you to achieve a crispy outside and tender inside whether you tumble fry in the rotating basket or roast meat in the rotisserie style deliciousness is guaranteed with little to no preheating time.

You can whip up dinner and have the time of the conventional oven without heating the whole kitchen its brightly lit touch screen offers 14 simple touch controls and displays smart programs cooking settings and current cues to make you the master of your kitchen the instant vortex plus seven in one air fryer is a must-have item in your kitchen.


  • Capacity -> 10 qtz
  • Function -> 7
  • Touch Control -> Yes
  • Over Heat Protection -> Yes
  • Cooking Method -> Even Crisp Technology

Air fryer under $100

7.)T-fal FZ700251 Actifry Oil-Less Air Fryer:-> Introduced with the TfL Actifry a unique air fryer that can be your healthy alternative to traditional deep-frying. This air fryer offers a massive 2.5-pound space for food and allows you to cook all of your favorite fries in one go without any hassle.

It uses a patented heat pulse system for optimized hot air circulation and makes sure the food is evenly cooked to deliver the optimum performance. It comes with a simple on/off switch with a digital countdown timer which allows the easy monitor recruiting process with accuracy.

This air fryer’s pan lid paddle spoon and filter can easily be disassembled and put in the dishwasher which makes cleaning it a breeze. The TfL is the 721 actifry oil list in fryer let’s say prepare your favorite dishes to do just a push of a button.


  • Digital Count Meter -> Yes
  • Capasity -> 2.5 Pound
  • Cooking Feature -> 4
  • Dishwasher Safe -> Yes


Cuisinart Compact AirFryer:-> Meet your ultimate kitchen workhorse Cuisinart Compact AirFryer, A premium full-size toaster oven with a built-in air fryer that literally prepared the perfect crispy fries every time featuring a specially engineered motor fan with a heater.

This air fryer is capable of delivering up to 1,800 watts of cooking power to help you achieve perfectly fried results. This air fryer serves seven different functions which are air fryer conventional bake and broil bake, broil warm and toast. So that you can prepare your favorite food easily.

You can also feed up to two point five pounds of food in this air fryer. lets us set the cooking timer from zero to 60 minutes and temperature up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit for an accurate cooking experience.

This air fryer comes with a nonstick interior for easy cleaning while it’s brushed stainless steel exterior enhances any kitchen decor Cuisinart Compact AirFryer delivers optimal performance with minimal oils to elevate your airfreight experience.


  • Cooking Power ->1800W
  • Function -> 7
  • Material -> Stainless Steel
  • Heat Temprature -> Up to 450F

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